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New Website for Soham Carnival

Soham Benevolent Association (SBA) welcomes the new look website for the Soham Carnival.

A fun looking area to inform the community about the days' events, including displays, bands, stalls, the parade and the heavy horse competition. Keep an eye on this blog, as it will be updated as the days events get booked.

Please use the website to contact the SBA to find out how to book a pitch, how to organise a float, how to enter a competition or if you want to put a charity, school or organisation forward as beneficiaries for the days fundraising.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the day or would like to take out advertising in the carnival programme, then rate cards and details are available, please fill out the enquiry form on the website and we will forward you the information.

We hope you like the new website

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